Delaunay Meshing 

The Delaunay Triangulation algorithm is used when you import a custom particle shape to ensure that the particle is convex.

Based on Delaunay meshing, this will produce a shape that is compatible with the EDEM Polyhedral solver. You can use this option only on shapes that are nearly convex but have minor concavity due to the meshing process or CAD generation. Delaunay triangulation is used to maximize each triangle's minimum angle. This produces a mesh with no high aspect ratio or slither triangles and frequently reduces the number of triangle elements.

The following example shows a Standard and Delaunay import: 

 Standard Import   Delaunay Import


The Delaunay mesh is created so that there is no fresh node is inside the circumsphere of any triangle element.

The following example describes the same in 2D with circles but the same principles are applied with spheres for 3D meshes. A triangle element cannot be formed because the node is within the circumcircle of another triangle, and, therefore does not satisfy the Delaunay criteria.

The following example shows a Delaunay mesh that satisfies the Delaunay criteria:

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