Altair® Monarch® Server


Monarch Server Automation Edition Workflow

When using Monarch Server Automation Edition a typical sequence of events might be as follows:

Note: This sequence of events does not have to be followed exactly. Depending on your needs, you may perform fewer or more steps than those listed below, and the order in which you perform them may differ.

  1. Create a Process: Once you have created or identified the project file(s) you want to work with, you can create a process. Creating a process includes multiple steps, such as the following:

    1. Specify general settings: General settings include a name and description of the process, a How many projects per job setting (i.e., one per job or multiple ones per job), the project(s) to be assigned to the process, etc.

    2. Specify advanced settings: Advanced settings include a priority setting, and whether to allow parallel jobs and process retries.

    3. Specify job log disposition settings: These settings determine what will be done with the job log after the job has run, and when (i.e., under what circumstances) the specified action will be carried out.

    4. Specify input file monitoring settings: These settings enable you to tell Monarch Server Automation Edition to monitor a particular location, then trigger the running of a process when a specific input file (or any file of the specified file type) appears in that location.

    5. Specify script settings: Script settings enable you to specify pre-process and post-process operations that execute before or after any operations in the process itself do.

Note: Depending on your needs, not all of these steps will have to be performed, for example, you may not need to specify input file monitoring settings.

  1. Run the Process: Once you have completed the process configuration, you can either run the process manually, schedule the process to run, or configure an input file specification which will trigger the process to run when a particular input file arrives in the specified location.