Altair® Monarch® Server


About Monarch Server Automation Edition

Monarch Server Automation Edition is a data conversion solution that uses existing ASCII or ANSI reports, PDF files, XPS files, ISAM files (for example, XLS, MDB, ACCDB, DBF) Open XML Spreadsheets (XLSX/XLSM), HTML files, and OLEDB/ODBC sources as a source for data. You can input report files (for example, TXT, DAT, PRN, LOG) into Monarch Server Automation Edition and then export their data to a variety of formats (for example, PDF, XLS, XLSX/XLSM, MDB, ACCDB, HTML, DBF) or to an OLE DB or ODBC destination. Monarch Server Automation Edition also allows you to export files to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, FTP site, email destination, or distribution list. In short, Monarch Server Automation Edition lets you extract, transform, move and load data faster and more easily than previously possible.

Monarch Server Automation Edition offers far more than an easy way to automate Monarch: it is an information delivery system, capable of distributing files over the network and to SharePoint locations, emailing users the files they need, or alerting them that new files are available and where to get them, either over the network or via the Internet. RSS feeds can be created, integrating with newsreaders or corporate information portals, so users are kept up-to-date on the latest information and can click to download or view the information via their browser.

Monarch Server Automation Edition is a perfect solution for extracting data from periodic reports on a regular basis. For example, you might instruct Monarch Server Automation Edition to process files delivered to a specified location on your network at 3:00AM, delivering Excel files to all sales reps so that they have the latest figures in their Inbox first thing in the morning.

Alternatively, you can use Monarch Server Automation Edition to monitor specified folders, so that as soon as a file arrives, the conversion process begins.

Monarch Server Automation Edition is also great for automating complex conversion projects that call for extracting data from multiple reports, generating output for multiple recipients, or for taking multiple passes through a complex report in order to assemble the data you need.

Features and Functions

Monarch Server Automation Edition has the following capabilities:

  • Automated conversion of data from TXT, PDF, ISAM, XPS, and OLE DB/ODBC sources to an ISAM, or OLE DB/ODBC (for example, SQL Server, Oracle) target by scheduled or event-driven execution via monitored folders.

  • Email distribution of PDF, ISAM, and Open XML Spreadsheets

  • File system and SharePoint distribution of input and export files

  • RSS publication

  • Creating logs and alerts resulting from operations

  • Allowing user creation of pre-processes and post-processes using VB.NET Scripting

  • Scheduled administration of job logs and database entries